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Equity Release

Equity release is a type of mortgage that does not require a monthly payment, however if you wish you can make payments if you choose.  

You will always retain ownership and can live in the property for your lifetime if you choose to do so.  If you do not make payments the interest is simply rolled up and paid from your estate when the second owner passes away or moves into long term care.  You can choose to take the funds as a lump sum or in smaller amounts when required.  


Our specialist independent advisers have decades of financial service experience and will understand your needs and personal circumstances before researching the whole market to find you the best plan.  


They will then prepare a tailored recommendation and talk you through the report and they will be on hand to help with everything should you decide you wish to proceed.  


All our advisers are independent and offer whole of market advice, both Assured Equity Finance and the advisers are members of the Equity Release Council and fully regulated by the FCA so you can be assured you are in safe hands. 

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